SDH Network

All the services proposed by KANCOM are provided on the basis of its own telecommunications network of new generation that includes a complex of hardware and software means ensuring transmission of information over fiber optic digital communication channels.

The backbone SDH network was built in tunnels of the Kyiv Metropolitan using SDH multiplexers of level STM-16 produced by Lucent Technologies. At present the network comprises several tens of multiplexers, including multiplexers AM-S and AMU (level STM-1/4/16) manufactured by Lucent Technologies Company and SMA-1 manufactured by GPT ("Marconi"/"Ericsson").

All nodes of the backbone network are interconnected into ring topology structures providing for an enhanced robustness of uninterrupted provision of services to the end users owing to the possibility of automatic switch to a protection path of signal transmission, even in the case of complete mechanical break of fiber optic cable.

Management of the SDH network and monitoring of all its parameters is performed from the Network Control Center (NCC) using specialized operation system EM-OS produced by Ericsson (formerly Marconi) and system ENOS produced by Lucent Technologies.

24 hours per day, 7 days per week engineering support ensures extremely reliable and flexible servicing for customers of the SDH Network “KANCOM”.

Network “KANCOM” covers the territory of all districts in the city of Kyiv providing for the possible connection of new customers to the Network under favorable conditions, irrespective of their location within the city borders.

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