kancom About the Company

KANCOM is the Ukrainian-American- Swiss limited liability partnership.


     KANCOM as the first fiber-optic network in the city of Kyiv has the following unique features:

  • high quality of data transmission meets world standards;
  • information confidentiality and best network protection due to fiber-optic technologies;
  • reliability due to possibility to manage and control the network within 24 hours a day;
  • ease of application due to professional network management;
  • flexible system of settlements with customers;
  • by using the right to install the network in the tunnels of Kyiv Metropolitan, KANCOM ensures rapid connection of subscribers in any district of the city of Kyiv among themselves (under the scheme “point-point”, “point-multipoint”) and connection to the networks of other telecom carriers.


Besides, our services are of high quality and provided in the shortest terms due to the coverage of the city of Kyiv by our own powerful and multi-branched transport network.

Today KANCOM is using the latest telecommunications technologies for the government, financial, industrial and consuming establishments of the city of Kyiv, possessing one of the most advanced digital fiber-optic networks and state-of-art autimatic telephone exchange.

KANCOM provides to customers a wide range of telecommunications services. During the years of its activity on the telecommunications market of the Kyiv city KANCOM became a reliable partner for many national and international companies. While providing services, KANCOM applies an integrated approach – from the customer's needs identification to cable laying, equipment installation and further technical support in order to guarantee non-stop service provision. Having the purpose to provide services to as many customers as possible, KANCOM finds an individual approach to each customer and sets quite competitive prices.



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