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      Organization of fiber optic channels for transmission of TV and radio 


KANCOM provides services of transmitting TV and radiobroadcasting signals to distribute programs of nation-wide (regional) state and non-state television and radiobroadcasting companies, and also any other customers using fiber optic cables and appropriate special equipment produced by C-Cor.

Transmission of TV and radio signals using the fiber optic network “KANCOM” will ensure the customer a high quality and uninterrupted real-time transmission.

Having ordered the service of organizing the transmission of TV and radio signals in KANCOM, you will obtain:
  • Fixed channels for scheduled broadcasting of TV and audio programs from studios;
  • Channels for broadcasting of sport competitions, grand events, public events at sport arenas, in concert halls and other similar places, and also channels for transmission of commentaries that will be organized during any such events;
  • Channels for making live broadcasts and transmitting materials from the places of events (channels upon request); ;
  • Channels for service and engineering communications;
  • Preliminary processing of customer signals (digital-analogue and analogue-digital conversion and compression) with a possibility of encapsulation into SDH streams;
  • Interstudio exchange of multimedia data streams (possibility of transmitting both digital and analogue signals SDІ, DVB-ASІ, AES-EBU, etc.)

This service is provided under the terms specified in the contract concluded between a Customer and KANCOM.

The tariffs for Corporate Customers will be calculated upon Your request.
Do not hesitate to contact us:

 Commercial department:

+380 44 536-90-00

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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