Competitive advantages 

Having acquired any of the services provided by KANCOM, you would obtain not only quality, but also the possibility to enjoy an array of important advantages:


  • 25-year experience of operation and successful competition on the telecommunications market;
  • data transmission quality and confidentiality meet world standards;
  • high quality communication due to implementation of the latest technologies, certified fiber-optic cable and state-of-art equipment only of famous world producers;
  • Last Mile is constructed by KANCOM at its own expense with the further stage-by-stage compensation of expenses by the customer;
  • possibility of fast service relocation to any point of the city with minimum additional expenses;
  • no overloading on the line;
  • unauthorized access to information is impossible due to application of fiber-optic communication lines, which, as compared to copper cable lines, radio relay and satellite communication facilities, eliminate possibility of remote noncontact reading of signals transmitted;
  • minimum terms of connection to any service due to the broad coverage of the city by KANCOM SDH and Ethernet networks;
  • reliable non-stop 24-hour technical support of the Network control network; automated monitoring, control and documentation of events (related to outage and break-down, deviation of separate streams mode from the standard one), as well as prompt elimination of many errors detected;
  • reliable, safe and uninterrupted channels operation due to their installation in the tunnels of Kyiv Metropolitan and 24-hour security, which strictly restricts access to the network facilities;
  • opportunity to save money due to well-developed system of tariffs and discounts;
  • block-modular structure of the whole equipment in operation, which enables to assemble devices in different floor or wall variants, which ensure convenience of its location and maintenance;
  • service escalation system: Level 1 (up to 3 hours) - network control center, duty system engineer; Level 2 (from 3 to 6 hours) - network manager; Level 3 (more than 6 hours) - general director;
  • highly-skilled team of specialists with great experience of work in the field of telecommunications, who work for the satisfaction of the customers needs.
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